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Our education system is inadequate and our teachers are poorly compensated.

We believe that online learning is the future of education.

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We boost your organic traffic by optimizing everything from your website, your ads, and your Google Business listing. At the same time, we're multiplying your 5-star Customer Reviews. Then we send paid traffic to your website to generate pre-qualified leads so that leads are more likely to convert into customers when you call them.

📱 All you need to do is call the leads. 📱

Accelerate Your Business With Less Stress.

We boost your organic traffic by boosting the number of your Customer Reviews. Then we send paid traffic to your sales page to generate pre-qualified leads so that leads are more likely to convert into customers when you call them.

Exclusive Leads Done-For-You

Our leads have 300% higher response rate than leads from bidding platforms like Bark

Teaching Accelerator covers the full spectrum of Lead Generation in the online education market. We provide Done-For-You service packages that include landing page design, website redesign, new client leads, review campaigns, lead reactivation, and much much more. Most of our existing clients are tutoring centers, language schools, and other education centers but we are expanding our network of clients in other industries.

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We provide these services to help you get more business.

We offer a range of services at different price points.

Teaching Accelerator

$397 $197

Double Google Reviews

How many Google Reviews does your business have? Your ranking on Google is heavily influenced by the number of positive reviews your business has. We'll 2X your Google Reviews within 7 days so that customers go to you instead of your competitors.

Teaching Accelerator

$997 + Ad Spend

Are you tired of not getting customers consistently? We will send you pre-qualified leads every week with our powerful lead generation funnels so that you can do business all year round and avoid dry seasons.

Teaching Accelerator


Save time, money, and frustration with our all-in-one business back-end software. TA CRM has all the features you need to run your business in one convenient place with seamless PayPal/Stripe integration and powerful marketing tools.

“But what we call social media is not media, nor is it even a platform. It is a massive cultural shift that has profoundly affected the way society uses the greatest platform ever invented, the Internet.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Founder of VaynerMedia

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We find the leads, you call them.

Let us handle your online advertising for you.

We are experts in the latest and most effective ways to generate qualified leads for your business. We will attract parents and students looking for fall courses and online classes right now, today. With our methods, your business will have students lining up to sign up based on the courses you want to feature.

We can help you find more students fast! It's what we do.

We know your industry and we know how to find you qualified leads.

So contact us today and then simply focus on signing students up for courses; we'll handle the rest.

Our Lead Gen Process

A brief overview of our lead generation and pre-qualification process.

step 1

Step 1

We design and create Powerful Offer Ads based on the offers you allow us to use. For example, "Book now for a FREE class".

step 2

Step 2

We design an attractive Landing Page with a calendar to make it simple for leads to book a call.

step 3

Step 3

We setup your ads to be shown specifically to your target audience. We recommend a minimum budget of $33/day for consistent leads.

step 4

Step 4

People who click on your ad are led to your landing page where they book a call. You call your leads and close the sale!


Why Partner With Us?

  • Reputation management

  • Rapid ad creation process

  • Consistent leads every month

  • Effective landing page aligned to your brand

  • Competitor research

Our design and marketing methods make it easy to convert site visitors to leads to customers. There are many lead generators out there that will just give you names and numbers, but that's not our style. We deliver high-intent leads who are actively looking for the tutoring services you offer right now. You can trust how well our lead generation is doing for you every step of the way because reports are viewable anytime within your account.

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Being experts isn't easy...

But it's necessary to deliver real results.

Just like you with your business, we are constantly analyzing our results, learning from the data what works and what needs to be tweaked for our clients. The online education world changes every day, we change with it to make sure we've got an edge that will favor those we work with.

We also consistently train and take courses from the best minds in the business to learn new techniques or refresh on current ones to keep us sharp. We love what we do, and you'll love the results of our efforts.


Don't just hear it from us, hear it from our clients too.

I have always thought about teaching online, but I needed the confidence in myself and a trustworthy person to learn from. I have found both from Dr. Echo. She has a deep knowledge of online courses and has solidify my desire to put a course together."


Valerie Hendley

Founder of Pathos, Inc

I have learned so much from Dr. Echo's Teaching Online 123 program. She provides step by step instruction with valuable and detailed information. Beyond that, she is an inspirational coach and role model who encourages and motivates her students with a big heart."


Rosa Wan

Founder of Finance Online 123

Gave Me Concrete Ideas

Echo helped me understand how I could take my years of teaching and turn them into a business I can run myself. She gave me concrete ideas about how to make this happen. She also helped me clarify and refine a business idea. Echo's information helped me understand what to do next, and her encouragement helped me believe I can do it. Thank you, Dr. Echo!"

Dr. Amy S.

Educator & Business Owner

Helpful & Well Organized

Prior to taking this class, the concepts were difficult and overwhelming. Dr. Echo's course is very helpful and well organized. Her content, and her use of differentiation in our class, helped break down the concepts into manageable parts. Working through the modules made each step make more sense."

Lauren M.


Dr. Echo is not just a knowledgeable and experienced professor, she is also a wonderful scholar who is dedicated to make a big impact on students’ learning and outcomes. If you are looking for a great online teaching experience, I highly recommend Dr. Echo. Trust me, she is terrific!"


Yuchen Liu

Ph.D. Candidate, Iowa

Dr. Echo Hensley provides invaluable expertise and encouragement as well as sharing many helpful resources. She communicates that she really cares about my work and that she is personally invested as a partner in my success. I would say that she really goes the extra mile."


Dr. Jeanne Paynter

Founder of Educating Innovator, Maryland

Think Outside the Box

The TO123 Course was very intellectually stimulating and taught me how to continually reflect on best practices and how to strengthen my teaching and the delivery of my instruction. I need to think outside the box to differentiate lessons for all learners."

Winnie C.


Outstanding Job

There is NO way to improve this class. Everything was well planned and there is no "surprise" assignments. Dr. Echo did an outstanding job teaching this course and made it very interesting. I have learned things I will use for many years in my classroom!"

Michael L.


Dr. Echo is one of the most trustworthy & authentic persons I have ever known. Her positive attitude, generosity and thoughtfulness has earned love and respect from everyone. I have been tutoring for many years, and Echo’s amazing TO123 program has inspired me so much. I’m following her steps and pursuing my own dreams in teaching online."


Sophia Zhou

Founder of Xiuhua Tutoring, China

I had been struggling with low income and didn't see how I could make a change. I have many interests and ideas, such as painting and furniture design, but I didn't really know what niche I should focus on, and what course I could sell online. It was eye-opening to know from Dr. Echo that I can teach online from home, work less hours, and start selling my own art course in a short period of time."


Heather Wise

Art Teacher, Georgia

Practices What She Preaches

The course begins with helping you see the actual student and teacher benefit to differentiation and all along the way helps you implement ideas. I love that [Dr. Echo] practices what she preaches and gives us differentiated assignments.

Nancy N.


Excellent Teaching

Thank you for your enthusiasm, organization, and timeliness in grading! This course has made the most impact on me and help me rethink the way I teach. I truly appreciate all you do before and throughout the course.

Emily B.


While coaching at Teaching Online 123, Echo has brought her high level of organization, clear conveyance of information and passionate dedication to her students. Working with Echo has always been a joy. Learning from her is highly satisfying and productive. I am confident that Dr. Echo will contribute further to the field of education."


Dr. Razel Solow

Professor & Curator in NY

I Before getting to know Dr. Echo's Teaching Online 123 course, I was overwhelmed with my teaching job. It's amazing to see that Teaching Online 123 offers unique insights to educators like me, and touches upon all elements of online teaching & selling."


Limin Dove

Language Teacher in Chicago

Wonderful Class

Thank you for all of your time. It has been a wonderful course and I appreciate all your effort in teaching and showing us the clear picture of what we can do in helping our students achieve in classroom and in their daily life.

Marisa B.


Enjoyed the Class a Great Deal

I enjoyed this class a great deal & feel so much more knowledgeable in teaching. It has made me excited to return to my classroom and start putting some of this knowledge and strategies into action!!

Shannon H.


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Accelerate to Achieve More.

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2024 Teaching Accelerator.
2024 Teaching Accelerator.